Here today, gone tomorrow

Finally.  After traversing the barren deserts of the windowsill and crossing the high plains of the mantlepiece they have arrived. In thousands and thousands of homes across the land the three wise men have joined the Holy Family, the shepherds and the animals in the crib in the corner of the living room. No sooner will they have got there than they will be back in the box until their journey begins again next Advent.

It is worth taking a step back and prayerfully considering what we see in this briefly complete scene in our homes.  We see the poor and the rich; the humble and the wise, we see travellers, some forced to do so by the state, some who come freely seeking truth; we see some who live in the open country without a roof to call their own. In short, we can see the whole of mankind, in all its diversity and in all its needs, gathered around the Christ Child.  However they got here they are united in their devotion. Each of them has in some way responded to a call that brought them to this place.

So before we start the packing up remember to keep listening.  Remember to keep looking for the ways we can respond to the great gifts of Christmas wherever we find ourselves.

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