Holy Orders


Each of us knows that the church needs both priests and
deacons. Sometimes young men (and some not so young)
may feel themselves being called to a life totally dedicated
to the service of Christ and the Christian community in
priestly ministry. It may also be that the prompting comes
from someone else who sees that potential in them;
perhaps their parish priest, family or people they are
working with already in parish ministry.
The same is true for Permanent Deacons, who generally
combine a life of work and family with a ministry of service
to the Church. They may feel the call themself or be
prompted by others who know them well. However the
call arrives the first step is to discern if it really is the right
step, either through talking to your parish priest or
contacting the relevant Diocesan Vocations team.
Priests: www.rcdhn.org.uk/vocations/contact.php

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