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An Unusual King


Of all the titles we could bestow on Jesus that of ‘king’ seems the most inappropriate. It makes us think of the things Jesus rejected. He had no throne, no crown, no palace and no army. He was surrounded by the poor and the sick, by sinners and outcasts.

And yet the title ‘king’ is appropriate and stands for something true and real in Jesus. It stands for his divine nature. God is the Lord of all, the King of the universe, the Ruler and Judge of all. And Jesus did speak of a kingdom – the Kingdom of God. His kingdom represents all those things that the world doesn’t stand for but which deep down it longs for – all that is right and true, all that is just and good. Many earthly kingdoms have come and gone since the time of Christ. Yet his kingdom remains standing. Why? Because it is guaranteed by God. And today, two thousand years later, millions of people all over the world give him an allegiance that they would not give to any ruler on earth. And even though Christ the King doesn’t want soldiers or tanks he does need people who are ready to ‘fight’ for the values of the Gospel. If we are ruled by Christ the King we will want to help to spread his kingdom, which is a kingdom of truth and life, holiness and grace, justice, love and peace.

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