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Getting out of the ‘comfort zone’


There’s a sort of popular parable that concerns a young bird on a cliff. Its parents keep encouraging it to come to the edge, but it’s reluctant and frightened. Eventually, when it does venture forward, they push it over the side. This may seem like a startling act of betrayal, but the outcome is a miracle of nature.

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Prophets – welcome or not


When we were baptized we not only became members of God’s family we were also called to become prophets of our faith. In other words, our baptism is also a calling – it reminds us that the Gospel must be proclaimed, must be shared and must not be kept to ourselves.

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God is Gracious

Zechariah greeted the arrival of his son in silence. He had been visited by the Angel Gabriel and told that he and his wife, Elizabeth, both of advanced age, would be blessed with a son. When he expressed his disbelief he was struck dumb and told he would not be able to speak until after his son had been born.

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The cost of healing

The woman who came to Jesus in today’s Gospel was a deeply wounded person. In her case, the wound was visible. But people can be wounded without it appearing on the outside. They may carry invisible wounds – feelings of rejection, failure, worthlessness, depression, bitterness, and so on.

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God’s work will be done


Today’s gospel consists of two parables which seem to have quite different meanings but which have a common theme; the growth of plants. Parables usually start with the words “The Kingdom of God is like”, but what is this kingdom.

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