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A Journey with a Happy Ending


Can it be Lent already? Christmas only seems five minutes ago. But yes, it really is true, the season of Lent is upon us once again. That thought may fill some of us with dismay. All that fasting, and extra prayer can be tough, especially when our resolution wobbles in the third or fourth week.

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Invitation to Happiness


In today’s gospel we hear what appears to be Luke’s account of the Beatitudes we read in Mark’s gospel and know so well. When we listen to these statements they seem to be a contradiction, the poor are happy, the rich to be condemned. So the question to be asked - is this teaching relevant in the modern world?

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Take A Look In The Mirror


Last Sunday we were focussed on the need for us to find a way to forgive others, whatever they may have done to us, so that we too may find forgiveness. Now the gaze is very firmly turned on ourselves rather than others.

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An Urgent Invitation


When priests and deacons are training, they’re often told: “You’re not chosen because you’re special. You’re special because you’re chosen.” This is a nice way of summing up this weekend’s readings. Isaiah sees the glory of God in a vision.

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