Madly in love

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Published: Saturday, 09 June 2018 22:17
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Mark’s Gospel tells us that, after Jesus’ Baptism and temptation, he returned as a man basically on fire with the Holy Spirit.

He worked amazing miracles and his teaching was revolutionary and dynamic, so he quickly attracted a large following. The religious authorities felt threatened and suggested he might be possessed. Even his family seems to have feared that he’d lost his mind. In fact, however, these concerns simply highlighted the difference between the folly that this world dresses up as ‘wisdom’ and the true wisdom that Jesus was offering as the foundation for the Kingdom of God. Our First Reading this weekend shows us what happens as soon as we stop trusting God’s providence and start trying to take care of ourselves. Having sinned together, Adam and Eve quickly turned on each other. From that point forward, all of humanity has been divided. Instead of recognising ourselves as one family with God as our Father, we identify ourselves with much smaller families based on blood. Our loyalties are further parcelled out to tribes, races, countries, etc. But, really, the world teaches us all to look out for ourselves. We’re constantly wary of each other and we use our fear as an excuse not to love the way we should. Jesus urges us to recapture our original trust in the will of God our Father so that we can get back to loving fearlessly and generously the way that we were always intended to.