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Will You Stay With Me

So here we are, Palm Sunday. We have journeyed with Christ throughout Lent; from the call to repent and believe the Gospel as we received our ashes to the shouts of Hosanna as Jesus enters Jerusalem. We know that this welcome was a false dawn, a mere shadow of the glory that is to come at Easter.

Within days the crowds will turn against Jesus, when they realise they want a certain kind of Messiah and Jesus isn't it. He hasn't come to rid them of their Roman overlords and their disappointment gets the better of them. They end up calling for, and getting, his crucifixion. He will be murdered by the state to protect the power of the state. The harshness and brutality of the killing of Jesus only stands to highlight the totality of his victory over sin and death. He dies so that we can live, forever. He has paid the ultimate price but in doing so gained ultimate victory; our price to share in his victory is to love him and to follow him. So as we enter Holy Week let us try to find it within us to be with Jesus during his Passion, death and resurrection. Be with him when he is anointed at Bethany; as he shares the Passover; as he prays in the garden; is arrested, tried and crucified. Can we be there at the foot of the Cross when it is all accomplished..

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