A time to review our Lent so far

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Published: Friday, 16 March 2018 13:00
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We enter the last week of lent today before the start of Holy Week and our celebration of the greatest love story ever told, Christ’s passion and death for our sake and his glorious resurrection from the dead through which he overcame sin and death and opened up for us the way to eternal life.

Lent has been a time for us to prepare for this celebration, a time of fast, abstinence and almsgiving so maybe today we can look back at how this has been for us so far. Have we kept to our Lenten promises or have we let them fall by the wayside? If this is the case it is never too late to start again, remember the workers in the vineyard some of whom worked all day, others half a day and some for only one hour, their efforts were all rewarded with the same wage at the end of the day. It is a time to let go of our fears and concerns and join with Jesus in preparing for what he is to endure on our behalf. Jesus himself was troubled by what he was about to face, in fact on John’s gospel passage he suggests that Jesus considered asking his Father to save him from this hour but then accepts that it was for this reason he came into the world and in doing so glorifying the name of the Father. We are asked to walk with him on this final journey and the church’s liturgy prepares us for what lies ahead. Our prayer should be that it proves a faith filled meeting with the generosity of god for each one of us.