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Always Active

Listening to Gardeners' Question Time on Radio 4 last weekend we were treated to a very clear response to a simple question, which was 'Shall I put my garden to bed?' Christine Walkden, one of the panellists, gave her answer with a delivery that was forceful and passionate.

Basically the audience were left in no doubt that if they were serious about gardening then there would always be something to do (plant, prepare, care for) and with some thought a selection of plants that would bring colour to the garden at any time of year. If there wasn't then it was their own fault; there just isn't a time in the year when you can simply switch off. That is essentially the same message our Gospel this week gives us. We can never get complacent about our faith, how we live our lives, how we might be called face to face with our Saviour at a moment's notice. It is a job for life, a job that will only be over and done when this life has run its course. A second point that struck home from that radio moment. It should give us pause for thought as we are in the midst of our partnership mission and entering into the Advent season. The panellist had no qualms proclaiming loudly and clearly what she believed. Can we take this opportunity not just to stay awake ourselves but to stir others from their slumbers with the passion of our belief.

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