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God is Gracious

Zechariah greeted the arrival of his son in silence. He had been visited by the Angel Gabriel and told that he and his wife, Elizabeth, both of advanced age, would be blessed with a son. When he expressed his disbelief he was struck dumb and told he would not be able to speak until after his son had been born.

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God’s work will be done


Today’s gospel consists of two parables which seem to have quite different meanings but which have a common theme; the growth of plants. Parables usually start with the words “The Kingdom of God is like”, but what is this kingdom.

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Being in Communion


Human beings are social beings. Some of us enjoy our ‘own space’ but without other people in our lives we feel incomplete and lonely.

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Madly in love

Mark’s Gospel tells us that, after Jesus’ Baptism and temptation, he returned as a man basically on fire with the Holy Spirit.

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Understanding the Trinity

Today’s Solemnity is not the time to try and explain how three goes into one! The Trinity is not something that we can understand and figure out with our reasoning, intellect, or with our brain. We most certainly won’t find the explanation to the Trinity by ‘googling’ it!

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