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Easter Food Blessing at St. Patrick’s Church in Consett

Today we have been celebrating the Easter Food Blessing for Polish Community in Consett. It is a very popular event and, not surprisingly, the number of people who attended was incredible. It is a tradition now, here in Consett, as it has been happening since 2006.

In Poland the blessing of the baskets is known as święcenie pokarmów wielkanocnych, a practice dating to the 15th century or earlier, and one, which is still maintained by most families in Poland, on Holy Saturday. A lot of thought, time and care is not only put into the foods that will go into the basket but also to how the basket is assembled.

The basket is lined with an embroidered cloth or traditional folk fabric. Once the basket is filled, it is covered with a white linen cloth (some have a colourful crocheted edging or embroidered design) representing the shroud of Christ. The basket may then be decorated with sprigs of boxwood (bukszpan). All baskets brought today to St. Patrick’s Church looked impressive!

Photos to view on our gallery:

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