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Peace be with you – A message for all

In today’s Gospel, the disciples, are hearing from the two who have just returned from Emmaus when Jesus appears among them and gives his usual greeting “Peace be with you”.

The disciples’ first reaction, is one of fear and alarm as they thought they were seeing a ghost, but Jesus reassures them that he is real, the same person they had always known. Jesus is truly risen; he is still fully in our world although in a very different way from before Good Friday. He goes on to explain how what happened to him was all foretold in the Scriptures. His suffering and death were no tragedies; his resurrection was no surprise. It was all part of God’s plan so that he could bring forgiveness of sin and total reconciliation with God to the whole world. In the readings John tells us in his letter: “Jesus is the sacrifice that takes our sins away, and not only ours, but the whole world’s.” Peter explains the real meaning of what happened to Jesus and how the disciples are to respond to the message, repent and turn to god. This message is also for us. We, through our baptism, have received the same mission, to spread the message of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is not enough for us just to hear the message and implement it in our own lives. The world needs to hear that greeting: “Peace with you” and to experience the peace and forgiveness that only Jesus can give. Will I be the one to carry that message today to even one other person? If we all did just that, we would reach a very large number of people.

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