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One God – three persons!


How can one God, be three persons?

Well, many theologians over the years, have gone into great depth to try to explain the ‘mystery’ of the Trinity. St. Augustine is a prime example. Many a priest and deacon, have spent considerably longer, preparing their homily for Trinity Sunday, because the Church’s doctrine on the Trinity is so complex.

Over the years, many people have asked me to try to explain how one God can be three persons, and with a scientific background, I have often been tempted to give a scientific answer. For instance: Think of one of the most abundant substances on this planet, something that is vital for life to exist. Have you worked out what it is? That substance is water. H2O (dihydrogen oxide). Dihydrogen oxide is made up of two atoms of hydrogen, and one atom of oxygen. However, it can exist in three different forms: ice, water, and steam. Its chemical composition does not change, but its ‘physical’ appearance and ‘persona’ does. What is really amazing about the Holy Trinity, is that God can make himself present to us in three different ways, (just like water), as and when we need Him. Think of God as our lovingly Heavenly Father: as Jesus, who provides us with food for our journey (the Eucharist), through life to God the Father; and as our ‘spiritual companion’ who ‘journeys’ with us in life – the Holy Spirit! However, as tempting as it may be, the Trinity is not something that we can really understand and figure out with our reasoning, intellect, or with our brain. The Trinity is a ‘mystery’, that we are to experience with our own hearts, and certainly not, with any scientific explanations!

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