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A People Set Apart


The theme of this weekend’s readings is stated in our Responsorial Psalm: “The Lord has shown his salvation to the nations.” In the First Reading, we’re told how the Syrian leper, Naaman, embraced faith in the God of Israel after being healed.

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Have you got any change for a Cow?


Money, the thing itself, is not the problem. It is, or should be, a useful tool that society uses to make life simpler. It is something that helps us to do the things we do best and to swap them for things we aren't so good at or don't have the resources to make for ourselves. Economists call it a”medium of exchange”.

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Size doesn’t matter


In this weekend’s gospel, the disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith. They seem to be thinking that if they could choose a super-size option on the spiritual menu everything will be better. But faith is not about size or quantity. All of us can make the mistake the disciples made. We can use what we think is our lack of faith as an excuse.

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Home Mission Sunday


Home Mission Sunday – What is it all about? It is a day to celebrate our successes in sharing the Good News with the people around us, as well as inspire us to do more.

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