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St. Patrick

Victoria Road

Consett Co Durham


Telephone (01207) 502196

History of St Patrick’s Church

St Patrick’s Church was opened by the Reverend Bishop Cunningham on November 4th 1959. However, the parish was instituted much earlier than this, in 1926, with the Church situated in what is now the Parish Hall.

In 1957, under the guidance of the then Parish Priest, Father James Hardy, sufficient funds were raised for local architect and parishioner Tony Rossi to draw up plans for a new church and, in that year, the foundation stone was laid by the Bishop. Both Father Hardy and Tony shared a love of all things Italian and the architecture of the church with its wide aisles, pillars and arches, and the sanctuary lined with marble reflects this.

Two years later, in 1959, the present church was finally complete and opened.

Despite many challenges and changes over nearly sixty years, including the closure of Consett Steel Works in 1980 and subsequent loss of employment in the area, the parish has continued to develop and adapt to the needs of the local community.

Now part of the ‘Pontop’ Catholic Partnership and with the completion of the Diocesan ‘Forward Together in Hope’ initiative, St Patrick’s Parish faces inevitable changes in the future with confidence and resilience, placing trust in the love and guidance of the Lord.



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