Shepherd King, Judgement and the future

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Published: Sunday, 26 November 2017 00:32
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Today we celebrate the feast of Christ The Universal King. In the Old Testament there is a vision of a King being a Shepherd to his people, a true shepherd who knows and loves his sheep and who above all cares for them. This is the image presented to us in our first reading and gospel this Sunday.

Jesus called himself the Good Shepherd, a shepherd that spends a considerable time looking after his own straying sheep and bringing them back. The gospel gives us an image of the final judgement when God will separate the sheep from the goats. The sheep are those who have lived a life full of Christian virtues and as a result will receive their eternal reward, and the goats who have not lived such a life will go to eternal punishment. Today we also celebrate Youth Sunday. The youth are often referred to as the church of the future but in reality they are the young church of today. These young people fill the Cathedral at the monthly “Source” event, the “Flame Train” to the London conference is always oversubscribed, many go to Lourdes with the Diocesan pilgrimage and some to the World Youth Events. They support “Event” Christianity including today’s mass but sadly they do not attend Sunday Mass on a regular basis. As a church we must begin to understand the reasons why and encourage them to re-engage with regular worship or the young church of today will not have a future. Today is a chance to pray for them and the future of our church.