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Better Together


One clear message in this weekend’s readings is that community is a critically important aspect of our faith. In the First Reading, Ezra gathers the people of Jerusalem and reads the Torah to them so that they can rededicate themselves to God.

In the Gospel, Jesus gathers the people of Nazareth and reads a prophecy about the Messiah from the Book of Isaiah. He then proceeds to tell them: ‘This text is being fulfilled today even as you listen.’ As followers of Christ, we are all supposed to share in the sort of work this prophecy speaks about: proclaiming the good news; caring for the poor, the disabled and the downtrodden; helping to free people from bondage to sin and death. But we may not always feel up to the challenge. Individually, we’re not very strong and the whole world can seem to be against us. However, in today’s Second Reading, St. Paul reminds us that we do not have to face these difficulties alone. The Church is Christ’s mystical body, and if we have a strong connection to Christ and to each other, this can empower us to do truly miraculous things. Every time we come to Church, we have the opportunity to gather together, to rededicate ourselves to God as a community, and to support each other in sharing Christ’s work. We live in a very individualistic society, and lot of people seem to have forgotten how vital this collective power is. Perhaps one goal of our Partnership should be to remind them.

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