Being in Communion

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Published: Sunday, 03 June 2018 11:35
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Human beings are social beings. Some of us enjoy our ‘own space’ but without other people in our lives we feel incomplete and lonely.

Sadly, there is a great deal of loneliness in the world today, perhaps more than ever. To be invited to a social occasion makes us feel wanted, especially if it is to a meal. When people invite us to a meal they are offering us more than food. They are offering friendship, trust and real hospitality. The banter at a shared meal is just as important as the food and drink. Afterwards, we feel nourished not only in body but in heart and spirit. Which brings us to the Eucharist, that sacred meal we celebrate at every Mass, and which we acknowledge in a special way on this Feast of Corpus Christi. At Mass the Lord invites us to a shared meal and by doing so he makes us his real companions and friends. When we come together at Mass we relive what the Apostles went through at the Last Supper when Jesus said to them “I will not call you servants any more…I call you friends.” In becoming friends with Jesus we ought to become friends with one another. But does this always happen in practice? It’s possible to come to Mass and sit in isolation, then drive home without having spoken to anyone else. We all need Christ, but we also need one another. To be in communion with Jesus means we must also try to be in communion with one another.