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Happy Birthday

As we celebrate Pentecost this Sunday we are celebrating the birthday of the Church. Just like the day a baby emerges from its mother's womb and announces itself to the world, today marks the occasion when the apostles emerged from the shelter of the room and begin the life and work of the Church, spreading the Gospel to the whole world.

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Looking back to move forward

It is something we all do, looking back to make sense of the present day. In the first reading Peter is doing the same thing. The Apostles have lost member, Judas who betrayed Jesus so what should they do. Peter goes back to scripture and finds it written in the psalms “May another take his office” so the early church decide to replace him, but how?

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Plugging into the Power

The other day, before a parish funeral, a visiting organist asked if there was something wrong with the instrument, as it wouldn’t even produce a note. People pressed switches on the organ and were left puzzled. Why wouldn’t the organ come to life?

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Better than sheep?

In our Gospel this weekend we hear Jesus declare himself to be the Good Shepherd. He reminds us just how far he is prepared to go, just because he loves us. Unlike the hired man who disappears at the first hint of trouble, Jesus stays with his flock whatever happens.

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