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True Discipleship


 Today’s Gospel is a story of discipleship. We are told that love of material possessions and comforts, is one of the chief obstacles in the way of discipleship. The Jews believed that the prosperity of the rich was a sign of God’s blessing. But Jesus presents wealth as a stumbling block to the kingdom. Those who rely on themselves and their possessions cannot be saved.

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Take it home


Imagine this. Every week, same day, same time, you arrive at the supermarket door. You have your list with everything on it for each meal in the coming week. Everything will be healthy and nutritious, only the best for you and your family.

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Prophets – welcome or not


When we were baptized we not only became members of God’s family we were also called to become prophets of our faith. In other words, our baptism is also a calling – it reminds us that the Gospel must be proclaimed, must be shared and must not be kept to ourselves.

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