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Take it home


Imagine this. Every week, same day, same time, you arrive at the supermarket door. You have your list with everything on it for each meal in the coming week. Everything will be healthy and nutritious, only the best for you and your family.

If you want to live a good and active life and keep out of the way of the doctor you need the right stuff. With everything in the trolley you go to the checkout, put it all on the conveyor, into the bags, remember the loyalty card and pay the bill. Shopping done you head back towards your car. Then as you walk out the door you just push the trolley, with your shopping inside, to one side and head home empty handed. Once home you just call up for a pizza, walk round to the chippie or go out for a meal. You just would not do this would you. It makes no sense. Now imagine this. Every Sunday, same place, same time we turn up at church. We come to pray, to listen to what God has done for us and wants for us. We give thanks for all the good things we have been given and pray that we can be the best possible person we can be. It is our weekly spiritual top up to see us through the next seven days. Then as we walk out of the church door we just leave it behind, as if it were unwanted baggage, and act as if we had never been. This makes no sense as well. To go to Mass each week and then not to take the love we receive out to others is just lip service, the same order of hypocrisy that Jesus identified in the Scribes and Pharisees. If we are to build a better world, with the best of ourselves a part of it, we need to take what we have picked up home and do something with it.

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