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Getting out of the ‘comfort zone’


There’s a sort of popular parable that concerns a young bird on a cliff. Its parents keep encouraging it to come to the edge, but it’s reluctant and frightened. Eventually, when it does venture forward, they push it over the side. This may seem like a startling act of betrayal, but the outcome is a miracle of nature.

Given no choice in the matter, the young bird’s instincts take over and it learns the amazing truth that it can fly. The moral of this weekend’s readings is similar. In our First Reading, the Prophet Amos explains to his critics that he didn’t become a prophet out of choice. He left behind a happy life as a shepherd and woodsman because the Lord called him. In our Gospel reading, Jesus sends out his disciples and tells them that they too should leave worldly comforts behind and trust in the providence of God. As a result, they find that they’re empowered to work miracles of evangelisation and healing. As Christians, we’re all called to share in the work of the first disciples. But many of us are reluctant to really trust in God alone. We’re invited to consider today how our worldly anxieties and our desire for comfort and security might be holding us back. If we learn to let these things go and just do as the Lord asks, we might discover that we too have the power to work miracles and soar through the heavens.

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