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Understanding the Trinity

Today’s Solemnity is not the time to try and explain how three goes into one! The Trinity is not something that we can understand and figure out with our reasoning, intellect, or with our brain. We most certainly won’t find the explanation to the Trinity by ‘googling’ it!

The Trinity is a ‘mystery’ that we are to experience with our hearts, not with our heads. It is not a puzzle or a riddle that we are expected to answer or solve. When we use the word ‘mystery’ to talk about and describe the Trinity, we are talking about a reality that is so endlessly rich and profound, that it will never be exhausted. The more we contemplate and pray about the reality and presence of the Trinity in our lives, the more of ‘The Trinity’ will be revealed to us. Through the Trinity, God creates and loves us, Jesus liberates and saves us, and the Spirit encourages and strengthens us. The Trinity is a community of love and life, that we are invited to be a part of, and share in. The Trinity offers us a model of sharing, belonging and community. It also challenges our individualism, and our demand that our rights be met all the time. The Trinity asks to be mindful of our responsibilities to those around us in our families, our neighbourhood, and our parish community. In the Christian tradition, when we begin our prayers, whether as individuals or as a community, we do so by making the sign of the cross, and calling on the power and presence of the Trinity. When we pray glory be…, we do the same. We deliberately and consciously ask the Trinity, to be part of our prayer and our daily life. Perhaps on this Solemnity of the Trinity, we could say these prayers slower, and let their meaning become part of us in a more intimate and personal way!

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