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Looking back to move forward

It is something we all do, looking back to make sense of the present day. In the first reading Peter is doing the same thing. The Apostles have lost member, Judas who betrayed Jesus so what should they do. Peter goes back to scripture and finds it written in the psalms “May another take his office” so the early church decide to replace him, but how?

They take a risk by nominating candidates, praying about it and drawing lots. “Praying and rolling a dice”. Their faith needs the support of the past, the scriptures and their experiences of their time with Jesus before he left them, but this faith could not provide a solution to their current need. The time came for the disciples take a risk without being sure if the future will confirm their choice to be the right one. Our faith is like theirs it also needs the support of the past, the early scriptures, the gospels and the many stories of the Saints who have gone before us to give it meaning and strength. There are times when we need to roll the dice and take a chance on our future, rather than yearning for the past to return. As we move to the first anniversary of our partnership it is time not to look back 30 years or so and remember the full churches at the multiple Sunday masses, the plentiful priests but to look forward embracing the facts that society has changed, the church is different now to what it was then and take a risk moving forward knowing that the Holy Spirit will confirm our choices as he did for the Apostles in electing Matthias.

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