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A blue-print for living

Commandments can be unpopular. Some people resent guidelines concerning what they should and shouldn’t do. They like to think of themselves as individuals who are capable of deciding for themselves.

Sadly, this attitude is becoming more and more common. Many people now believe it’s entirely up to personal choice to decide what is right and what is wrong. The 10 Commandments, given by God to Moses in today’s first reading, are therefore likely to be dismissed as an attempt by religion to dominate, control and restrict personal freedom. But this is to misunderstand what freedom is. True freedom is not just about being able to do whatever you want but being free to choose what is good for us. Choosing and living by the principles God gives us is what leads to true freedom and true happiness. The 10 commandments of God are essentially a blue-print for living. If we follow these commandments and do our best to lie them, we will flourish as a society. That is basically what God told the people through Moses, some 4000 years ago and those basis pcinciples have not changed. Jesus came later to fulfil the commandments. He completed and perfected them by infusing them with love. What Jesus asks us is to follow the spirit of the law, not just by dry observance of rules, but by letting the commandments sink deep within ourselves so they change our hearts and lives for the better.

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