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A Question of Trust


Every month we hold two sessions for parents who are presenting their children for baptism. A key thrust of the first session is to look at relationships; their relationships with each other, their relationship with God and how they can help build their child's relationship with God.

The very first thing we ask of them is to discuss what is important in a relationship. Almost without exception two key elements that comes out are trust and listening. Both are very important and the readings we have this Sunday reinforce their importance, inviting us to listen and to trust that God will lead us in ways that are life-giving. In our First Reading we see Abraham learning that he can trust God with the life of his precious son, even though what he is asked to do seems contrary to all God’s previous promises. His obedience and faithfulness are blessed by God. In the Gospel, we hear Jesus ask for a different kind of trust from Peter, James and John. After seeing Jesus transfigured in all his glory on the mountain top, they are asked to listen and believe in him, but to wait for the right time to speak of all they have seen and heard. How difficult that must have been for them, but they set an example for us in how it is possible to suppress our natural inclinations for a greater good. It can be difficult to trust in God especially when what we are being asked to do, or not to do, goes against the grain of our own desires. The season of Lent gives us an opportunity to reflect on the difference between what we want and what we truly need. St. Paul reminds us that, since God gave up his only Son as his gift to us, we can be certain that he will not refuse us anything that we ask. God is on our side! We can trust him for our needs. We pray for the grace to listen and to trust more fully in Jesus this Lent so that we, too, may “walk in the presence of the Lord”.

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