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No investment = No return

This weekend’s First Reading might have feminists up in arms with its provocative question: “A perfect wife, who can find her?” But it’s important to remember in this context that the whole Church is meant to be the ‘Bride of Christ’.

So this message isn’t intended for women exclusively. It’s an exhortation to all Christians to imitate the humility and the industrious qualities that it identifies as belonging to a good wife. Our Gospel Reading reinforces the same point with the famous and disturbing Parable of the Talents. The timid servant who safeguards his talent by burying it in the ground is severely punished for his lack of initiative. Christ expects the members of his family to stay busy, using whatever gifts and talents they have to build up the Kingdom of God, and to take risks or make sacrifices as necessary to serve the greater good. We’re asked to consider this weekend how much of our time, effort resources and other gifts we really put into building up the Kingdom of God and how much we actually use these things merely to take care of ourselves. Being a good Christian is about a lot more than just showing up at Mass on Sunday and trying to keep our noses clean. If we’re not prepared to stick our necks out to promote the Gospel, and to give until it hurts to create a more just and caring society, we too might be found wanting when the day of reckoning comes.

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