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Give me oil in my lamp

As we draw near to the end of the Church year, the Sunday readings are concerned with the end of time, when Jesus Christ will return and God’s kingdom will reign. We are reminded to stay awake, to be ready and to be aware when God is present among us now.

There have always been prophets of doom who try to predict the end of the world but the truth is none of us know when that will be. We don’t know when we will die either, but we do know that death can come unexpectedly. Perhaps this may have happened to a family member or a friend of ours. Such sad experiences can serve as a wake-up call. Today we hear the parable of the lamps. There are ten bridesmaids, five sensible and five foolish. The foolish bridesmaids had no oil for their lamps when the bridegroom came. This parable is a warning from Jesus, but it is also a sign of his love for us. It tells us that he wants us to remain close to him as he wants to remain close to us. We can stay close to Jesus by keeping the lamp of faith burning throughout our lives. Keeping our lamps burning, letting our light shine to the end, entails continuing to do the good works the Lord wants us to do, for as long as we are able to do them, so that when he comes he will find us at our post, ready to welcome him.

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