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Judged by our deeds

Sadly you don't have to look very hard to find examples of people in positions of power giving a bad example. It is almost at the point where we aren't even surprised any more; all that seems to change are the names and the situations.

The common thread seems to be a sense of entitlement, almost a blindness to how what is being done can have a negative impact on someone else. All this isn't new of course, as our readings this week show us. The prophet Malachi calls the priestly class to account for the neglect they have shown in their duties following the return from exile in Babylon. He highlights their lack of moral leadership of the people entrusted to their care. Malachi prefigured the denunciation of the Scribes and the Pharisees by Jesus. They had become so wound up in the nuances of the letter of the law and every decision they handed down seemed designed to make life even more difficult. In different ways both groups had lost sight of the need to act with loving care towards those over whom they had power. Jesus gives us a powerful reminder that all of us, regardless of our position in life, are created equal in the sight of God and are equally loved. In our turn we are to remember that and are called to act justly, with humility and with love towards others at all times.

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