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RSVP to God

How would you feel if you woke up one morning to receive a genuine invitation from your favourite sports star or TV personality, asking you to join them for a dinner party in a couple of days’ time? Many of us would be thrilled at suddenly becoming a ‘VIP’. Today God hands out an invitation to every one of us.

The difference between God’s invitation and that of the world is that, while the world’s invitation might read: “Strictly by invitation, only for very important personalities (VIPs)” God’s invitation simply reads: “You (everyone) are all invited, you are to pay nothing, and all you need shall be provided.” We have the good news that God himself is inviting each one of us personally to his banquet. The readings of today’s Mass describe what God is offering. He is calling us to a richer, deeper life here on earth. He is calling us to closeness with himself. And, after we die, he is calling us to the joy of eternal life. But once we’ve been invited to the banquet in God’s kingdom He expects a response. Sadly, we can come up with excuses and put off responding. We might say, “I know I should get to Mass every week but something always gets in the way,” or, “I know I should pray, but I don’t seem to be able to find the time.” God is waiting for our decision, for our RSVP. And it’s not a question of RSVP for a certain date; it’s a question of RSVP for a lifetime.

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