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Feed Me!

Can you remember the advert for a certain brand of oven chips from a few years ago. A mother is in the kitchen preparing a meal as her children arrive home. As the frame focusses on the children we don't get the expected smiling face of gratitude usual for such adverts.

What happens is they let out a deep roar of “Feed me!” Be in no doubt, these youngsters are hungry, they want fed and they want fed now. Mother, of course, satisfies their desires but sooner or later they will be hungry and eventually will want not just more but something different, the next product being pushed on TV. At the Last Supper as Jesus is preparing for his physical departure from the disciples he knows they will be left with a deep longing, a hunger that will need to be satisfied. He meets this need by instituting the sacrament of the Eucharist. In doing this he allows us, forever, to keep the the memory of his great act of love for us. He shares his body with us for food and his blood for drink; all in the appearance of bread and wine. When we participate in this great sacrament we transcend time, somehow entering into the Last Supper itself, We are strengthened, cleansed and nourished with the gifts of the spirit. We need no other meal than this for our spirit to be sustained, a meal that is forever new and refreshing. We too should be crying out “Feed me”; or perhaps that should be: “Feed me till I want no more”

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