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Been a long time

How long is it since you felt yourself moved or guided by the Holy Spirit? Today; this week; this year; or so long ago you really cannot remember. How do you know that is what happened anyway? Perhaps it was just you responding to your own desires or maybe because you had prayed about it, then it seemed like it was the Holy Spirit leading you to a certain decision or course of action.

It is a hard question to know the answer to. What about things you did that you didn't pray about but happened anyway? Where was the Holy Spirit being active at that time? When we want to know why we have acted the way we have, we could benefit from a broader examination of our lives than we sometimes allow ourselves. Seeing where we go wrong in our lives can be fairly simple. We have been taught from an early age that certain specific things are wrong; we can feel bad about something and understand when we have upset others. All of this is essential for knowing when we need healing but can we go further? Are there times in our lives when we have acted beyond our own self interest? There may be times when we have stuck at trying to help out when logic says it is time to walk away. Sometimes we might be able to see where we have tried to share the Gospel message to others, sharing what we have received. If we can answer yes, even to just some of these things some of the time, then as Jesus promised would happen, we can recognise the Holy Spirit moving us and guiding us.

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