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Listening to the Good Shepherd

Every year, the Fourth Sunday of Easter—or ‘Good Shepherd Sunday’—is also a special world day of prayer for vocations. While Jesus himself is the primary shepherd of the Christian flock in every age, he has always called other people to assist him in his work.

These include, among others: the bishops, priests and deacons who lead the Church and minister the sacraments; and also those in religious orders who provide powerful service and a positive example through special charisms involving constant prayer and various other kinds of good work. Of course, whenever we pray for anything, we should always remember that, ideally, prayer isn’t just about asking God to give us what we need or want. It also entails listening carefully to anything that God might be saying to us. This is particularly vital when we pray for vocations. After all, vocations—by definition—are all about people listening and responding to the Lord. And we should never assume that God will only call other people! Jesus always has plenty of work to go around and no doubt he wants us all to do our part. We may find that, before we see that increase we all hope for in priestly and religious vocations, we’ll need to go beyond merely saying prayers. God’s probably asking us all to do more than we are at present to create the kind of vibrant and supportive Church in which new clergy and religious can really thrive.

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