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Easter – Hope for the Future

Well, Easter is almost over for another year, the Easter Bunny, work done, is taking a well earned rest and is probably enjoying a round of golf with Santa Claus. Santa Claus - But why mention Christmas on Easter Sunday.

Well; Christmas Day is where the journey started, baby Jesus, born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem on that first Christmas morning was destined to change the world. So to the events of the past week. Just last Sunday Jesus made his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, hailed as a King, yet within a week he was dead, but not before he had left us with the Eucharist, instituted at the last supper, hours before he was arrested. Abandoned by Peter and the other Apostles, betrayed by his friend, and condemned by his own people, Jesus was crucified, as we commemorated on Friday. But as we know that was not the end, as after three days as he rose from the dead. It was this act which conquered both sin and death and left us free. This is the mystery that gives meaning to his life, it gives us the reason for all that went before; it brings sense to it all. The resurrection of Christ from the dead is the cornerstone of our faith, giving us hope and belief that we are walking along the right path, the path chosen for us by God himself. So without Christmas Day there would be no Easter, and without Easter there would be no faith, no church and no hope. Conversely, without the Easter mysteries then Christmas would have no meaning either.

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