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None so blind ...

Have you ever said, or heard it said, “'so and so' has a real blind spot about ...” It is usually about something, or someone, that the speaker thinks poorly about and that 'So and so' would do well to change their thinking and conform to the common or accepted attitude as the speaker sees it. Chances are you will not have heard it said about you but don't worry, it will have been said nevertheless.

The truth is we are often blind about something that should be really obvious to us. As Robert Burns said in the poem 'To a Louse': “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us!” It is a reminder of the need for restraint in judging others as we are forever blind to the full extent of our own faults and failings. When Jesus cures the blind man at the gate into Jericho it is deeply symbolic on many levels. He reaches out to someone who that society saw as punished for their sins. The light he brings is not just physically but spiritually changing for the blind man, leading to belief in Jesus as saviour. The religious authorities on the other hand resist believing in Jesus, looking for faults and problems: it took place on a sabbath, the man wasn't really blind or was an imposter. In the end it is they who remain blind to the saving power that Jesus is bringing into the world. Our challenge is to look at ourselves and see where our blind spots are, to identify the barriers we put in the way of accepting Jesus as the light of our lives.

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