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True Colours

If you look on the noticeboard in a hospital ward you will probably see a poster telling you what all the different colours of the uniforms mean.

It most likely helps staff more than patients; if you are bringing something for a midwife on the maternity unit it speeds things up if you are looking for someone in a light blue tunic. In this case the clothing and its colour serves a real purpose. In the Gospel this week when Jesus asks "why worry about clothing?", he is addressing a much more fundamental question than knowing who does what. Jesus is using clothing as an example of how we can lead ourselves astray by focusing on the wrong things. How many of us end up going round in circles, worrying ourselves to death about things that are not truly important. This might be about having the right clothes, the latest mobile phone, visiting the latest "hot" destination; the list goes on. Jesus calls us to do something radical, to break from the herd and to focus on our true needs. What is important is that we focus on our relationships. We need to show our love for one another today not once we think we have acquired all we want, a day that never really arrives. The day that will always arrive is the day we are judged. That will be when we are seen in it true colours.

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