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Size doesn’t matter


In this weekend’s gospel, the disciples ask Jesus to increase their faith. They seem to be thinking that if they could choose a super-size option on the spiritual menu everything will be better. But faith is not about size or quantity. All of us can make the mistake the disciples made. We can use what we think is our lack of faith as an excuse.

We might say, “if I had more faith God would answer all of my prayers. If I just had a little bit more faith I would be more involved in the Church” or, “Maybe if I had more faith I would be a better person.” Jesus does not super-size our faith. That isn’t necessary. We live by faith not because we have enough faith but because we some faith, any faith, even mustard seed sized faith. Jesus asks us to try to understand this in today’s gospel. The question is not how much faith we have but, rather, how are we living the faith we have. The mustard seed of faith is already planted within us. We already have enough. Faith is not about having increased power to somehow force God to do our bidding. It is about opening ourselves completely to God’s will: accepting and trusting that God knows best, even if he doesn’t give us what we ask for. In the end, faith is not a thing we have or get, it is a relationship with God of trust and love.

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