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Have you got any change for a Cow?


Money, the thing itself, is not the problem. It is, or should be, a useful tool that society uses to make life simpler. It is something that helps us to do the things we do best and to swap them for things we aren't so good at or don't have the resources to make for ourselves. Economists call it a”medium of exchange”.

Money stops us having to go out for the weekly shop with a basketful of tomatoes in our hand hoping that there will be people a/ needing tomatoes and b/ actually having what we need for the week. Life like that would be much more complicated so a long time ago we invented money. Where the problem with money arises is within ourselves. It becomes a problem when it becomes a symbol of our greed and the centre of our existence, the only way we value both our own worth and that of others. When that happens, when our life goal is to have as much money as possible then we start to tread a dangerous path. We can lose sight of all the good things that surround us; the beauty of God's creation, the joy of companionship, the spirit of charity towards others. We can let love drain from our lives and not see the “genuine riches” that Jesus refers to in this week's Gospel. So we need to not let our view of the world be blinkered, to avoid looking only for material riches but rather look around us and see where our own genuine riches lie. We might like what we see.

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