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Home Mission Sunday


Home Mission Sunday – What is it all about? It is a day to celebrate our successes in sharing the Good News with the people around us, as well as inspire us to do more.

I suppose the question to ask ourselves is – are we doing our bit to spread the good news throughout our neighbourhood? Are we praying for growth in our parish? Do we speak to people we do not know after mass and make them welcome? Do we create a welcoming atmosphere in our parish? Do we offer an opportunity for Catholic’s who have been away from their faith to return? Do we promote activities for young people to grow and mature in their faith? What about work – do we evangelise by taking opportunities to talk about and share our faith? even something as simple as wearing a Christian symbol can stimulate conversation. Do we show respect, honesty and integrity in the workplace? The list of things we can do to spread the good news is endless but what it needs is for us to accept that we are all missionaries, members of a missionary church and we all have a role to play. Whatever we do it all starts with prayer; so sometime today put aside a little time to pray for the church both in our parish and our partnership that we may all grow in faith and in doing so continue to spread the gospel message.

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