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Our Father


“Teach us how to pray,” the disciples asked Jesus. Whether we realise it or not, this is a longing in each of us. We want to be with God. We want to pray but sometimes we don’t know how to. The disciples realised how important prayer was for Jesus. He constantly turned aside to pray.

The disciples wanted a share in what they had witnessed and asked Jesus to help them. First, Jesus says we must talk to God and not give up. After all, if you never speak to a friend how can that be friendship? He says we must call God our Father and state our needs. In today’s gospel Jesus gives us the model prayer which we all know so well. In the Lord’s Prayer we pray that his kingdom will come, that we have food, mutual forgiveness to unite us and that we may be protected against evil. God does answer our prayers and often gives us what we want. But sometimes God answers us by giving us more than we asked for. For example, in the garden at Gethsemane, Jesus asked to be delivered from his suffering. It seemed as if his prayers were not answered but then his Father raised him to life. Praying regularly is essential for us not just so we can ask for what we want but because in praying we get to know God. We gradually deepen our friendship with him who reveals to us deep in our hearts what we really want.

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