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Mission and Ministry

In today’s gospel we see Jesus sending out 72 of his followers into the towns and places in pairs ahead of him. He told them that the harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord for more labourers.

Quite often, by “labourers” we think of priests. We often hear people expressing regret that today there are so few “vocations”. What will the Church do? How will it carry on? However, it is doubtful that Jesus was thinking of priests when he spoke those words as these positions were not present at the time of Jesus; it was much later that they were created within the church. History tells us that those sent out by Jesus and those who followed them were successful, as it is estimated that in today’s world over one billion people refer to themselves as Catholic Christians. However, this poses the question of how many of this one billion people can be deemed as active in the church. Bring that question into our own parishes, how many of our regular church goers are active in the harvest? Are you? Quite rightly, in the present day church, today is a day to heed the words of Jesus and pray for workers to called into the harvest. We need more people to give their lives to God in the service of others, particularly as priests. Only as a result of our prayers will more men be called to ministry and answer this calling in a positive way. Question - Across our parishes, when was the last man ordained Priest? Answer – 1977.

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