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Bigger Fish To Fry


Our Gospel this week finds a group of the apostles going back to doing what they know best: fishing. Unfortunately they are not having much success, a whole night spent fishing but nothing to show for for it. Then, once again, Jesus enters into their midst, the risen Jesus whom they do not actually recognise at first, coming to help them in their struggles.

Doing what he tells them,they recast their nets; this time there are so many fish they cannot get the net into the boat. At this point the scales fall from their eyes and they see it is Jesus and back to shore they go, towing the boat and nets behind them. They are met by Jesus who already has a fire going ready to make all of them their breakfast. What does this encounter tell the apostles and us? First of all it is evidence that Jesus has indeed risen from the tomb, that he is truly alive and not some sort of ghost. It is this knowledge that supports them standing up in the face of the authorities and to confidently proclaim his resurrection. It is their witness in the face of persecution that has inspired generations of Christians to do the same. We are also shown how Jesus intends to remain in their lives (and ours.) When we are stuck in a rut and nothing seems to be working then perhaps it is time to listen to what Jesus has to say, give it a go and just see what changes come about. As well as this Jesus wants to sustain us, he wants us to come together and share in an even better meal than the grilled fish and bread he offered the apostles. He wants us to share in the gift of his Body and Blood, a gift to sustain us in all our struggles.

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