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Low Sunday – A time for reflection


In times gone by today was known as Low Sunday as it was the quiet time after all the events of Easter. Sometimes it is when it is quiet that we can turn our thoughts to God and ask him to help us in our understanding of our faith and strengthening our belief in him and the events of Easter. It is an ideal time for us to reflect on the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ as depicted in his final act.

In this last act Jesus what did Jesus do? On Holy Thursday he instituted the Eucharist, the gift of his body and blood as food for our earthly journey and asked us to” do this as a memorial of me”, we do this every day at mass. On Good Friday he suffered for our sins, he took all our faults and failings and placed them in front of his Father on our behalf and asked for forgiveness and mercy for our transgressions. On the cross he won a great victory over death, removing the fears that we might have as we will one day follow the journey he took. On Easter Sunday his resurrection opened up the gates of heaven to all of God’s faithful and gave us hope of an everlasting life of peace and joy in his presence when our life is ended. Occasionally it is only by seeing a play or reading a book for the second time that the story is given meaning and understanding that we did not get first time around. So maybe we need to revisit the whole story of the life of Jesus, time and again to get the full meaning and this Low Sunday may provide the opportunity

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