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Ultimate Victory?


We probably all know the basic storyline where a hero beats incredible odds to triumph over evil and rescue his true love. Sometimes he seems to have given his life in the process. But then, having cheated death somehow, he suddenly reappears. And he and his beloved live happily ever after. This is so familiar from fairy tales, romances and even action-adventure stories that it’s almost the ultimate cliché.

(But even the most cynical souls secretly root for a happy ending!) And, actually, this is essentially the same narrative that plays out during the Passion, death and Resurrection of Our Lord. Although the crucifixion seemed like utter defeat at first, it turned out to be an amazing victory. It proved that God’s love for us is even stronger than the collective weight of human sin. Likewise, Jesus needed to die in order to conquer death forever by coming back. We really are forgiven and saved! But there’s one part of the story that’s still unresolved. God sees each and every one of us as his true love, and he’s waiting to see how we’ll respond before we can have our happily ever after. Now that we know how much he really does love us, will we finally love him back? Now that we know that his love really is sufficient to fulfil all our needs, will we help Jesus build his Kingdom and care for everyone else, or are we still mainly preoccupied with taking care of ourselves? God’s victory is not really complete until he wins our hearts.

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