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No Ordinary Week


On Palm Sunday we enter Holy Week. We follow Jesus as he makes his royal entrance through the gates of Jerusalem. But Jesus is not a king who comes with any trappings of power. He has no conquering army or court servants. He arrives in complete humility, riding on a donkey.

Jesus is no ordinary king and this week is no ordinary week. We are entering the most holy of all weeks. A week in which our salvation is accomplished through the sufferings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As the Sunday Mass readings unfold, we see the joy surrounding Christ’s entry into Jerusalem quickly change to betrayal, condemnation and death. No matter how many times we listen to or take part in today’s readings, we are moved by their power. We enter into the Passion of Jesus and it moves us because we realise that it is we who have inflicted this suffering on Jesus. It was not just the chief priests and not just the Roman soldiers who brought this suffering on Jesus; it was our sins that inflicted this suffering on Jesus. But through Jesus’ suffering and Passion we are forgiven and healed. Isaiah tells us, “through his wounds we are healed.” As we enter Holy Week and as we journey in prayer through this week’s services may this message take root in our hearts with renewed power. May this Holy Week restore our faith in God, strengthen us in our own difficulties and see beyond them to the great victory that lies ahead on Easter Sunday.

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