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Half Way Point


Well we are half-way through Lent and our preparation for the forthcoming events through Holy Week and Easter Sunday, how is your Lent going? One of the recurring themes in the readings through this time is that of the compassion and mercy of God and is something that we need to be continually reminded of.

God’s love for us is constant, it never changes no matter what we do or say or how seriously we offend him, God is love. However, if God’s love for us is constant and unchanged by our actions it does not mean that we can do anything we like. This week’s readings seem to be telling us a number of things, namely, that we cannot find our salvation and wholeness as a person without the love and help of God; God does not punish anyone for bad behaviour; God will not save us against our will or without our cooperation. We should never doubt that if we sin we are not loving God, we become separated from him but nevertheless he will continue to show his love for us. Love is a two-way thing and is not complete until it is returned. God’s love is not effective within us until we are open to receive it and reciprocate it. When we sin, God does not stop loving us, rather it is us who stop loving him, it is us who break the loving relationship not him. Today’s readings are asking us to take a good look at ourselves, are we like the tree in the gospel, alive but bearing no fruit. The owner grants one more year for it to be pruned and fertilised to bear fruit or be cut down. Every Lenten season is our chance to fertilise our tree and to see how it can be more fruitful, especially in accepting and spreading God’s love.

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