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A Journey with a Happy Ending


Can it be Lent already? Christmas only seems five minutes ago. But yes, it really is true, the season of Lent is upon us once again. That thought may fill some of us with dismay. All that fasting, and extra prayer can be tough, especially when our resolution wobbles in the third or fourth week.

Sometimes priests wish people a happy Lent. But is that really possible? It is possible for Lent to be a happy time. The reason is that no matter how testing things can get, no matter how much we are tempted, Lent is actually a season of hope with a happy ending. This can be a grace-filled season where we are led by the Holy Spirit to move out of our comfort zone and grow in our awareness of God’s goodness and constant help. Lent gives us the chance to be adventurous and try something new. But planning is important. Before we begin our journey into the desert with God as our guide, we need to make preparations. Decisions about prayer and being nourished by the word of God will need to be made. A firm resolve is also needed in ensuring we stick to our plans. This Sunday is the day, if we have not done it already, to commit ourselves to stepping away from the familiar and onto a fruitful Lenten journey. Trusting that blessings will be received, we will reach the happy end of Easter with renewed gratitude for all that God does for us.

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