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Take A Look In The Mirror


Last Sunday we were focussed on the need for us to find a way to forgive others, whatever they may have done to us, so that we too may find forgiveness. Now the gaze is very firmly turned on ourselves rather than others.

We are asked to look at ourselves and consider how our own words and actions match up against the standards we expect of others. Perhaps the most striking thing about the parables Jesus uses to highlight this need is that they all point towards relationship and example. We are not expected to tread this path alone. Firstly we have the teachings and example of Jesus that Jesus gives us as our guide. The more that we can model our lives on His then the more we become like a sound tree, the less likely to have a “plank” obscuring our way forward. Secondly, once we have found our own way then we are able to, expected to, guide others who don't yet see as clearly. We are called to become better teachers for those close to us who need our help. Through doing this we will indeed produce good fruit. We will obtain our own reward through both sorting ourselves out and by helping others into a light of life and hope.

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