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True Wealth


This weekend’s readings remind us that our time in this world is limited. Consequently, the wealth, power and status we might acquire here have only passing value.

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Our Father


“Teach us how to pray,” the disciples asked Jesus. Whether we realise it or not, this is a longing in each of us. We want to be with God. We want to pray but sometimes we don’t know how to. The disciples realised how important prayer was for Jesus. He constantly turned aside to pray.

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I Just Want To Thank You


Listen to Radio 4's Saturday Live programme and you will find a slot dedicated to listener's calling in to say a special thank you. It has a very simple common thread. Each of them has found themselves in some form of distress and a stranger has stepped in to help.

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Balance in all things


We all know people who seem to be busy and active all the time. We also know those who have the habit of letting others do all the work. Neither extreme is good for us. We can’t be busy all the time, and neither can we sit back and let others do all the work.

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Mission and Ministry

In today’s gospel we see Jesus sending out 72 of his followers into the towns and places in pairs ahead of him. He told them that the harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so ask the Lord for more labourers.

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