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Invitation to Happiness


In today’s gospel we hear what appears to be Luke’s account of the Beatitudes we read in Mark’s gospel and know so well. When we listen to these statements they seem to be a contradiction, the poor are happy, the rich to be condemned. So the question to be asked - is this teaching relevant in the modern world?

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An Urgent Invitation


When priests and deacons are training, they’re often told: “You’re not chosen because you’re special. You’re special because you’re chosen.” This is a nice way of summing up this weekend’s readings. Isaiah sees the glory of God in a vision.

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The Bitter


Truth The most popular speakers are the ones who tell us what we want to hear. However, when speakers raise truths which make us uncomfortable or cause us to look carefully at ourselves, they usually go down like a lead balloon. Such is the case in today’s gospel.

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New Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle


PRESS RELEASE - New Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Robert Byrne as Bishop of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle. Bishop Byrne will be the fourteenth Bishop of Hexham and Newcastle. Bishop Séamus has therefore been appointed as Apostolic Administrator, by Pope Francis, until Bishop Robert’s installation on 25th March 2019.

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Better Together


One clear message in this weekend’s readings is that community is a critically important aspect of our faith. In the First Reading, Ezra gathers the people of Jerusalem and reads the Torah to them so that they can rededicate themselves to God.

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